Countdown to E3 Xbox launch?

158 days to go...
Darren Allan

January 3, 2013

Apparently the next-generation Xbox will indeed be unveiled at this year’s E3, at least if speculation about a countdown on Major Nelson’s blog is correct.

This popped up yesterday, simply titled a “Countdown to E3 2013” with the words “And it’s on…” written underneath.

We now have 158 days to find out exactly what is “on” but this has to be a major announcement, and it would frankly be quite disappointing if it was anything but the next Xbox – which has long been rumoured for an E3 2013 reveal (and end of year launch).

Most people commenting on the post agree this is almost certainly about the next-gen console, and most have a strong opinion about what Microsoft should be aiming for with the hardware.

And a lot of folks are crying out to not focus too much on the Kinect side of the experience, and to keep the focus on hardcore, not casual/family gaming.

The Xbox is rumoured to be coming with an improved and integrated Kinect, along with a Blu-ray player to draw level with the PlayStation in the living room entertainment stakes.

Of course, Microsoft has already been busy making great media strides over the past year or so, bringing streaming services such as Netflix, Lovefilm, iPlayer and of course YouTube on board its home console.

With the next-gen Xbox, the focus is likely to be on a more all-round home entertainment machine – or there may even be two models of Xbox released (one more of a cut-down set-top box with simple casual gaming capabilities, lower cost hardware and a lower price tag).

We shall hopefully find out when E3 rolls around, or indeed, before that as there’s a good chance of info starting to leak early this year if an E3 reveal is on the cards.


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