Elite: Dangerous hits Kickstarter target

Braben will make the reboot of the classic 80s space game
Darren Allan

January 3, 2013

David Braben’s next planned game, Elite: Dangerous, has come one step closer to being realised having achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The funding spree ran closer to the deadline than we’d imagined it would, with Braben only securing the target earlier today, with the deadline expiring at midnight tomorrow.

Still, he was asking for £1.25 million, which is a large amount of funding – and indeed one that has been exceeded. Currently, £1.33 million has been stumped up, and if that reaches the £1.4 million mark, the team have vowed to have a Macintosh version of the game out within three months of the Windows launch.

So we expect there are still some Mac fans donating away now.

If you haven’t heard of Elite: Dangerous, it’s a reboot of the famous Elite space trading/combat franchise which was out in the 1980s, and spawned a lot of copies.

Apparently this new game will be keeping the core of what made the original Elite a massive hit – and abandoning the more realistic space physics that the sequel Frontier attempted – but there will be a fresh focus on multiplayer.

This was always a project that was going to attract attention, and now that Mr Braben has his million quid plus, let’s hope things go right from here on out.


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