GameStick Android console on Kickstarter

A rival to Ouya pops up
Darren Allan

January 3, 2013

There’s a rival to the Ouya Android console which has just gone live on Kickstarter, the GameStick.

Promising a similar open development philosophy, the two projects are quite similar in nature, although the GameStick is a more compact and portable device. As the name suggests, it’s a small stick – two inches long – which can be plugged directly into your TV via an HDMI port.

The marketing strapline for this is: “Putting big screen gaming in your pocket.”

The console will retail at the $79 mark, and manufacturer PlayJam – a company which has worked to bring games to smart TVs in the past – has already got some 200 Android titles signed up for the GameStick.

It of course promises far more than this eventually, with many of these games being free-to-play, or cheap to purchase.

The GameStick will slot into its Bluetooth powered game controller (and will support up to four controllers), and will come with Wi-Fi and Android Jelly Bean on board. It will have 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and an Amlogic 8726-MX CPU.

Yes, that isn’t nearly as powerful as Ouya, but GameStick hopes to pick up points with the convenience and portability factor.

PlayJam believes it is 80 per cent of the way there with the console, and expects the GameStick to be in the hands of customers as soon as April.

The Kickstarter is looking for $100,000, and with $74,000 now pledged pretty swiftly, it seems that goal won’t be a problem.


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