Sky Go Extra is unveiled

Allowing for programme downloads and offline viewing

January 22, 2013

Sky watchers – the satellite variety of Sky, that is, not the one with stars in it – will be pleased to hear that Sky Go Extra is now available.

This service lets you download Sky films and TV shows to your mobile device of choice, and watch them later on, offline, with no need for a 3G or Wi-Fi connection as normal streaming with Sky Go requires.

Naturally, that could save you bandwidth and money in the case of 3G, though the catch is a subscription fee is necessary to use Sky Go Extra.

You have to be an existing Sky customer to use Sky Go, and then pay £5 per month for the Go Extra service.

As an added bonus, those who sign up for Sky Go Extra also get the number of mobile devices they’re allowed to use Sky Go on increased from two to four.

Sky Go apparently has some 3 million unique users per quarter, according to Sky’s own figures, and can be accessed on game consoles as well as mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Sky Go boasts both live and on-demand programmes, with 43 channels on offer.


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