EE rolls out new 4G offers

Both entry-level and a mega 20GB package
Darren Allan

January 23, 2013

EE (Everything Everywhere) has revealed some new offers aimed at encouraging folks to get on board with its 4G service (the only one currently running in the UK, until later this year).

It’s not the first time the company has looked to price reductions, either, as when its 4G price plans were initially announced, noises were made by the press and consumers alike that they were on the dear side (us included).

The main promotion is an offer that runs from January 31st to March 31st, with a range of entry-level “4GEE” plans being introduced to EE’s roster.

So folks will be able to sign up for a two year £31 per month plan with unlimited calls and texts, and 500MB of data, and the choice of a number of 4G smartphones for an up-front extra fee.

Those phones include the HTC One SV LTE and Nokia Lumia 820, both of which can be had for £30 on the above tariff (£90 less than the current cost).

While £30 up front and £31 per month doesn’t sound too bad a deal on the face of it, 500MB of data is rather measly – particularly when you consider you’ll burn through data much faster on a super-fast 4G connection.

A one year plan, for those who want less of a commitment, will be available but considerably pricier at £41 per month.

EE has also announced another bumper-data-allowance package, which boasts 20GB of mobile data for “super-users.” This costs £46 per month for a 12 month, SIM-only plan – although again that’s an offer price which only lasts until the end of February.

That also has unlimited calls and texts, as you’d expect, and you can sign up for that mega-plan along with a 4G handset for £61 per month (again that’s a discount which expires at the end of next month).

So it’s hardly cheap city – but 20GB of data is a pretty mammoth amount, in all fairness.

EE has said that its 4G service will be available in 35 UK towns and cities by the end of March.


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