Twitter launches Vine video service

We heard it on the mobile Vine…

January 26, 2013

Twitter has gone ahead and started up a new service called Vine, which allows users to share not short sentences, but short video clips.

Yes, it’s essentially a visual interpretation of the humble 140 character tweet, except in this case, Vine video clips are limited to a maximum length of six seconds. A snapshot of life, in other words.

We’ve never really got into Twitter – perhaps because the 140 character limit doesn’t just apply to tweets themselves, but also seemingly to the user base. The amount of tweeting “characters” is definitely limited, with much of the accounts on Twitter dead, plain uninteresting, or parrots rather than tweeting birds, repeating what others are saying.

Vine, in fairness, does sound more appealingly creative – a short story might not be possible in 140 characters, but a six second video clip can perhaps be a short film. It’s certainly easier to make an impact with a short spurt of footage, than it is to craft a meaningful sentence that stops you in your tracks.

The Vine app – which is out on iOS only for now – will let you easily film a quick clip with your iPhone. Then you can swiftly upload it and share your genius with the world.

Of course, the process being so simple, there’s bound to be a hell of a lot of chaff clips being pumped into Vine’s veins, and the well-thought out wheat may be hard to find. We certainly won’t knock Vine just yet, though…

Vine will reach Android, and other platforms as well as iOS, in time, although Twitter didn’t specify any timeframe.


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