PS4 unveiled in just three weeks?

There's a good chance that's the case, it seems
Darren Allan

February 1, 2013

The console grapevine is buzzing with speculation that the PS4 could be officially unveiled by Sony within the next three weeks.

This is due to a press invitation for an event in New York on February 20. The invite doesn’t mention anything specific, but a Sony PR bod told Reuters that: “We will be talking about the PlayStation business.”

Previously there have been rumours that Sony is aiming for a pre-E3 reveal – to beat the next-gen Xbox, which is expected to debut at E3 – and this month has been mentioned as a possibility before. So that lends weight to the fact that this event could introduce the PS4.

All this secrecy and vagueness seems just ripe for attempting to build hype for the meeting, and indeed at the last PlayStation press event back in 2011, the Vita was revealed for the first time.

And the speculation is further underlined by a short video released on the PlayStation blog, which is called “See the future,” and is a suitably dramatic swirl of the PS symbols. This surely isn’t some minor announcement, or it certainly doesn’t seem likely to be.

Rumours indicate that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 (as they’ve generally been referred to) consoles should be launched before 2013 is out, but remember that all this is exactly that – just rumours. The PS3 launch was well behind the Xbox 360, though – almost a year behind – and if Sony has any sense, it is indeed going to ensure there isn’t such a big gap this time around.

If we had to put money on whether or not the PS4 unveiling is coming on February 20, we’d stick our wedge of cash on “yes, it is.”


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