Amazon kills its MP3 service

Brian Turner

February 5, 2013

Remember the days when you could select a couple of tracks from an album on Amazon, then pay and download them?

Well, Amazon killed that feature off - so nowadays if you want to buy multiple tracks, you have to buy them one at a time, and keep clicking back through your windows to get back to the album you were buying from.

The bigwigs at Amazon seem to think this is a good thing, because Amazon’s music is connected to the Cloud. Woohoo.

What they still refuse to accept, is that lots of people really do not want 1 Click ordering, and 1 Click ordering on Amazon’s MP3 files makes the whole buying process much more frustrating and difficult.

The irony is that at a time when competitors are catching up to Apple in other ways, it seems as though Jeff Bezos has decided to sabotage Amazon’s chance to be a serious rival to iTunes. No doubt he’ll realise his mistake when it’s too late.

Still, why should we be upset if a corporate tax dodger doesn’t want to sell us stuff?

I dunno, but there are 500 complaints on a single thread on the Amazon forums.

It looks as though feedback goes no further than minimum wage front desk staff, with their fake declarations of “your opinion is important to us”.

So important that after 4 months of the thread being started, there has been no attempt by Amazon to even suggest a compromise on the issue.

Still, we haven’t tried Google Play yet, but it’s tempting.

I originally started buying my DJ catalogue through Amazon, but that’s impossible now. And judging by the hundreds of complaints on the Amazon forums, it’s simply time to move on to iTunes.

In which case, so long, Jeff, looks like you forgot about the customer experience.


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