Samsung 85 inch UHDTV is coming

A massive television with a massive price tag
Darren Allan

February 5, 2013
Samsung Logo

Samsung is ready to launch its 85 inch UHDTV across Europe shortly, and it should be in the UK and available to buy this spring.

The massive television, the S9, is Ultra High-Definition (UHD), otherwise known as 4K – basically, it’s like strapping four standard HD screens together to get quadruple the resolution.

And the price tag for this 85 inch behemoth is predictably eye watering, although thus far Samsung has only announced the European price – which is 40,000 Euros, according to the Telegraph. That’s equivalent to £34,000, making it even more expensive than the likes of LG’s 84 inch 4K set which we recently noted was £22,500.

4KTV was the big thing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show back in January, with all the major manufacturers showing off their pixel-packed sets. But all of these TVs are ridiculously priced, of course, and for the rich enthusiast and early adopter (read: show off) only.

As it is, there’s barely any 4K content in existence to enjoy anyway, so not much point to these beasts currently.

Granted, they can upscale HD content, but the results from that are not going to make your jaw drop – blowing up the picture is likely to cause artifacts and other image issues, and will be nowhere near what true 4K footage will look like on these screens.

It’ll be quite some time before UHDTV/4KTV starts to gain any sort of consumer traction, with movement needing to begin on both the content and TV price reduction fronts.


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