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Darren Allan

February 15, 2013
steam for linux sale

Today is a happy day for Linux gamers, as Steam for Linux has been released.

And the Linux Steam client is all part of Valve’s effort to put some of its digital gaming eggs in a different basket to Windows 8, as it’s not particularly keen on the direction Microsoft is taking with its desktop operating system.

On its Steam for Linux site, Valve noted that it “advertises Linux as a gaming platform and recommends using Ubuntu.”

That said, the games should work on the majority of Linux distros, although some of the more obscure flavours might throw up some “interesting” issues.

There’s also a big sale on Linux games to kick off the Steam launch, with discounts in the range of 50 to 75 per cent. Now is the time to check out the store, or at least within the next week (the sale finishes next Thursday).

Titles which are currently available to Linux users include Team Fortress 2 (which is free-to-play anyway), Half Life, Defcon and Trine 2 (a gem of an action-puzzler, and one of our faves).

Generally, the Linux community has warmly welcomed this development as you’d expect, although there is still some way to go in terms of the number of games available. The ball is now rolling, though…

If you want to grab it, you can download the Steam for Linux client here.


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