North Korea plunders video games for anti-America video

Brian Turner

February 20, 2013

Those hilarious buffoons in the North Korean Ministry of Silly Walks Propaganda have been at it again, making a numpty of themselves.

This time, by creating an anti-American propaganda video that mainly displays general news reel of US troops and even Barack Obama.

As well as featuring cutscenes from Call of Duty and the soundtrack to Bethseda’s Oblivion.

Yes, in case you didn’t believe those hysterical media whores in North Korea couldn’t get any worse, finally, proof that they have lost touch with reality.

Coming next: A video of Kim Jong-un fighting dragons in Skyrim, while declaring the USA to be the enemy of the world’s “free peoples*”.

* Communists only considered as free**
** All non-North Koreans considered as not-free


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  1. John says:

    Look out for the ministry of Silly Walks Propaganda that is closer to home. It is much more dangerous, it is much more effective..

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