Google releases Glass preview video

Is your Glass half full, or half empty... or strapped around your head?
Darren Allan

February 21, 2013
Project Glass

Google’s has posted a preview video up on YouTube showing off how its infamous Project Glass will work.

Except now it’s just called Glass, meaning that it is, presumably, moving out of the experimental (“project”) stage and getting ready to become a reality perhaps sooner than you might think (though Google still says it’s in the early stages).

Glass, as you are no doubt aware, is a pair of augmented reality specs which come with a small heads-up display that can be used to show all sorts of data.

And what can be displayed and achieved is shown in the video.

Voice recognition is included – not that this is anything particularly new, now Siri has been around for quite some time – so you can say “take a picture,” and Glass takes a snap. Or you can instruct it to start recording, and take a video directly from your own point of view (giving this device is sitting in front of your eyes).

Hands-free videos from your point of view is quite a nifty little feature, meaning that, as the clip shows, you could possibly video yourself sky-diving without having to worry about waving a camcorder around trying to film.

That said, the device looks considerably more dumbed down and more basic than the initial promo trailers Google showed off almost a year ago now. But then, we all knew full well that would be the case…

The YouTube video also shows off the fact that the Glass user can instantly share snaps with friends and over social networks, and also “hangout” with friends via live video chats in the corner of their eye.

How popular the idea of wearing these wire-frame “specs” will be, though, is debatable. They are relatively unobtrusive, but could still make you feel a bit of a turkey (or that you’re trying to do an impersonation of La Forge from Next Generation).

With Google Glass and Apple looking towards a smart watch, the hunt is on for what is going to be the next cool and trendy wearable gadget to partner your smartphone with. The smart watch idea is certainly the one that the less self-conscious would plump for – although it might just be that neither idea takes off…


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