Sony PS4: has no backwards compatibility

Brian Turner

February 21, 2013

Sony have formally announced the PS4 at the “See the Future” event in New York. And in doing so, have confirmed that they have lost the plot entirely.

The company that:

  • innovated in the home games market with the PS1,
  • defeated all rivals with the PS2,
  • then killed user loyalty with a PS3 that was not backwards compatible

has done it again: the Playstation 4 will not be backwards compatible, either.

This means that if you have already invested hundreds or thousands of pounds buying up Playstation games - tough! - they won’t work on the new machine. So you have no reason to buy it.

Sony made this same huge mistake with the PS3, and because of this, Microsoft was able to enter the market with the Xbox, and then dominate the home video games market with the Xbox 360.


Because when Microsoft moved from the Xbox to Xbox 360, your new console would play all your old games. That mean you had no reason to give the PS3 serious attention, because that would mean buying all your games all over again.

PS3 owners, on the other hand, found themselves connecting up alongside the PS2. And, because the PS2 had a very developed range of games, where playability and longevity were part of the fun, ended up playing that more.

After all, all the PS3 offered was more defined graphics.

A lot of PS2 owners moved on to the Xbox system.

And now, with the announcement of the PS4, Sony shows that they still haven’t learned their lesson.

The company wants to make the PS4 more like a PC, so they are releasing … something that’s just a PC, with a controller. Except that it’s not as flexible or user-friendly as a normal PC.

Meanwhile, the Xbox, is like a PC, but a media-focused one. Oh, and it’s backwards compatible. The Xbox 360 was an upgrade, not a new standalone console like the PS3.

And as the PS4 will be.

Sony has not made a profit in four years. Announcing the PS4 shows why.

The PS4 will be a brand new standalone video games console that won’t work with anything else you have. All it offers is the chance for adverts to show up when people you know buy games. And it connects to Facebook.

Oh, and it all very focused on connecting with the PlayStation Vita. You know, that handheld no one bought?

Somehow this is considered innovation by the failing multinational.

Someone from Sony, please, tell us why anyone should want to buy any new standalone gaming console, let alone the PS4?

For everyone else, how long do you think it will be before Sony go bankrupt?


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  1. Tim M says:

    Yawn……..a pointless review. all about the fact its not backwards compatible, yet it is! you can even play PS1 games on it with its new online catalogue. Anyway who cares, who actually plays old games on a new console?! KEEP THE OLD ONE

    Nothing about all its new features which I though were quite fantastic. And the NEW games look amazing.

  2. Charles says:

    Very unprofessionally written, and you state many personal observations as facts among a much larger group of people. Personally I don’t know anybody who owned the original Xbox and didn’t regret it, and the Xbox 360 actually is only compatible with some games, not all as you stated in your article. It’s clear that your opinions are skewed by your biased opinion against sony.

  3. Brian says:

    Call me mad as I do realise this is HUGELY out there. But if you were that worried about your massive investment and wanted to protect it, would it be just really, really ridiculous for me to suggest that… wait for it. We keep our PS3s to play the PS3 games? Really is it that bad if you want to play them so badly?

    And for the record - PS3 WAS backward compatible when it launched. I have one of the first ones with hardware emulation and I very rarely play PS2 games on it. They’re not that great anyway.

  4. Skeeter says:

    PS3 isn’t backwards compatible? Mine is. I bought one of the first ones (you can still find them used) and play all my games on it. When the 20G of memory ran low I went to the local electronics store, bought a laptop hard drive for cheap and put it in. Very easy to do. I play all of my PS3 games and PS2 games on the same machine. I realize the PS4 will NOT be capable of doing this, and that does have me ticked at the company. But in all honesty this is the first PlayStation that has been completely blocked from playing our old media.

  5. Thomas Hamrazian says:

    It’s about money, it’s all about the money.
    What Sony did with the PS3 is that they wanted to cancel all the backwards compability so that they can profit with the PS2 classics and the HD remastered games. Also, they don’t want people to sell their PS3 and instead buy a PS4 directly, taking as much money as they can. I’m sticking with either the Wii U or probably the Xbox 3, because I am sure they will care about their customers.

  6. Incognito says:

    What complete garbage. You couldn’t possibly be any more wrong. Total idiot

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