Google Chrome’s audio detecting tabs

Listen while you surf, do-do-do, do-do, do-dooo
Darren Allan

February 28, 2013
Chrome Logo

Google’s popular Chrome browser will soon get a novel ability – its tabs will indicate a noisy web page.

And some web pages can be pretty noisy, with blaring adverts at seemingly twice the volume they should be (just like the good old TV ads).

Should a web page be making a din, Chrome will apparently display some sort of animation indicating audio is playing on the relevant tab.

This news comes from The Next Web, which notes that the feature is already in the latest Canary build of Google Chrome. It works with Flash sites, too (when they’re not busy crashing… again).

Hopefully this facility will shuffle along to the full version of Chrome pretty speedily, as it’s a handy feature – we know that when we’ve got umpteen tabs open, and suddenly one of them bursts into sound, it can be very annoying to have to hunt and try to find the noisy culprit.

And, equally hopefully, this might just be the start of the intelligent browser. From a little spinner that tells you which tab is spewing out audio, we might move to a flashing warning for overly gaudy websites. Or a big, animated, munching trashcan for websites that
are talking rubbish.

What do you mean Techwatch traffic would be halved? Feh…


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