Wii Mini coming March 22nd

Want a little Wii? There's one on the way...
Darren Allan

March 2, 2013

Nintendo is following up the release of the Wii U console with a miniature, budget version of the old Wii – the Wii Mini.

The classic console will be out in just three weeks’ time, and while the UK price isn’t confirmed yet, the Canadian version was pitched at $99 (around £65 our money). It will obviously need to be cheap and cheerful to attract budget-minded gamers who aren’t interested in the new Wii U.

So what’s the difference between the Wii Mini and original Wii? Obviously it’s a bit smaller, as well as cheaper. However, it doesn’t seem like it’s that much smaller, according to reports we’ve read.

Also, the Mini has no Internet functionality – and basically it has been stripped down to just the core functionality of a console; you can insert games, and play them.

Otherwise it’s compatible with “most” existing Wii accessories. It’ll come in red and black, with a red Wii Remote Plus and a red Nunchuk controller.

Whether there’s a market for a totally barebones Wii now that we’re moving into the next-gen console era, with the PS4 reveal just having happened, and the Xbox 720 coming – and the Wii U out of course – doesn’t seem too likely.

Particularly given that there’s no particular burning reason to get hold of this Mini piece of hardware, save for the cheap price.

It almost seems like this is a reaction to the Wii U’s less than stellar sales figures, and an attempt to pick up some of the slack there via the low-end market.

Amazon currently has the Wii Mini priced up at £80, but that might not be the final price point, of course.

Nintendo also plans to launch more Nintendo Selects games alongside the device, making classics such as Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario part of the line-up.


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