Microsoft continues to struggle with Windows 8

Adoption rate slows further...
Darren Allan

March 5, 2013
Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 adoption figures from last month, compiled by Net Applications, don’t paint a pretty picture for Microsoft.

In fact, adoption slowed again over February – Net Applications pegs Windows 8 as having a 2.67 per cent market share on desktop, up just 0.41 per cent from January.

But the continued slowdown is hardly surprising given that the offer on Windows 8 upgrades has now expired. Instead of a couple of tenners, you now have to put down £100 for a Windows 8 upgrade, and £190 for Windows 8 Pro.

If you weren’t sure about the new “Metro” tiled interface, and dual touch-style and traditional desktop environments before, then you’re unlikely to be swayed at any point in the future looking at those prices.

As we’ve mentioned before, Windows 8 is actually slower than Vista was in terms of growth, and indeed looks to be the “new Vista” many have been calling it.

Indeed, Mac OS X Mountain Lion has managed to carve out as much market share as Windows 8 to date (yes, it’s been on sale a few months longer – but still). Windows 7 still holds the majority 45 per cent share of the desktop market, with Windows XP on 39 per cent.

Given the price hike, Microsoft can doubtless settle in for a fairly rough ride in 2013, in terms of Windows 8 adoption. And there doesn’t seem like much the firm can do about it.

It seems that, despite the recent explosion of popularity in tablets, the world still isn’t ready for touch to be forced across all their computing experiences.

And many folks still want a Start menu… (though you can get that back in Windows 8 via a number of utilities which have popped up).


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