Don’t have an “iPaddy”

Kids punished by tablet removal are having fits
Darren Allan

March 13, 2013

The latest term to be added to the tech world by the Daily Mail (yes, that paper with its finger on the pulse of technology) is the “iPaddy”.

It sounds like a betting app for iOS, but in fact, this is a term which refers to the fit, or “paddy,” a child will have when their tablet (iPad) is taken off them as some kind of punishment.

Instead of threatening to send the kid(s) straight to bed, or withdraw pocket money, this new punishment plays upon the slightly worrying fact that children are becoming increasingly addicted to tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.

The Daily Mail cites a survey of 2,000 parents, and a whopping 80 per cent said that they employed the restriction of gadget usage as their “preferred method of punishment” when it came to disciplining those aged 14 and under.

Kids apparently spend an average of two hours a day using their favourite gadget, or presumably, have a two-hour-power-iPaddy when the Apple slate is hidden from them.

Whatever happened to the naughty step, anyway?

Given that we now have the iPaddy, we might as well explore other Apple tech terms that could be adopted into modern English.

The iPhoney, perhaps? The definition: An Apple iPhone owner who always leaves his handset on display, and is sure to tell anyone who will listen that it’s the 64GB model, with all the best apps installed.

Or the iPod Touchy – an Apple fanatic who won’t hear anything bad said about Cupertino’s media player.


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