eJay aims for iOS and Android

Via a Kickstarter project
Darren Allan

March 26, 2013

Crowd-funding is the big craze at the moment, when it comes to getting projects off the ground, and eJay is hoping to use Kickstarter to land on touchscreen devices.

eJay is a brand many of you will have heard of, but if not, it’s music making software with the emphasis on simplicity.

The eJay programs have been around for over fifteen years now on the PC mainly, but have also touched other platforms such as consoles (the PS2 for example). And now developer Wired Productions and original creators of eJay, Helmut Schmitz and Bernhard Throll, want to bring easy music composition to iOS and Android mobile devices in the form of eJay Pure.

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking £150,000 to make eJay Pure a reality (half the estimated budget of £300,000). Donations start at just £1, and any backer gets 1,000 exclusive samples that will only be made available to funders.

eJay Pure will be designed from the ground up for touch functionality, and will come with dance, hip hop and techno soundpacks, as well as rock and indie for those who prefer their guitars to electronic music.

Leo Zullo, managing director of Wired Productions, commented: “There are countless anecdotes of eJay providing the spark to ignite a career in music – many DJs who cut their teeth on the software are still active members of its community. We’re thrilled to be engineering the software from the ground up to enable anyone anywhere to compose their own masterpieces.”

The aim is to get the software out by November of this year. Thus far the project has picked up £1,000 worth of funding, so there’s still a long way to go – although it only went live this morning. See the Kickstarter page for yourself.


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