Wii Mini out now, but what’s the point?

Console is launched with a whimper
Darren Allan

March 26, 2013

Nintendo’s Wii Mini went on sale at the tail end of last week, but with little apparent interest – and we’re not exactly surprised.

Pushing this cut-price miniature version of the original Wii out in the UK might well be an effort by Nintendo to help bolster weak Wii U sales – but if that’s the case, it doesn’t seem like the Mini is going to help much according to Techradar.

The tech site reports that one of GAME’s flagship stores isn’t even stocking the Wii Mini console due to poor demand.

The folks at the retailer said that in terms of interest they’ve “pretty much had nothing. None at all.”

Which is not a good sign, really. No, this isn’t a major hardware launch – but still, a level of complete disinterest is worrying.

We’re not surprised, though. The Wii Mini has had a lot of corners cut in getting its price down…

It has no online capability, so SD card slot, no component video out (just composite which means the picture quality will be a lot worse), and in terms of the budget price, it’s not much cheaper than the original Wii console which has all of the above.

The Wii Mini is £80, but you can bag a brand new original Wii bundle for £120. Indeed, if you plump for a second-hand Wii, you can easily get one for £80, probably less… without all those corners being cut.

We just don’t get quite what Nintendo is up to here. If the Wii Mini was £60, or even better £50… then you might be talking. But we can’t really see it making much of an impact as it stands.

And with the Wii U apparently struggling, things are looking very rocky for Nintendo at the moment.


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