Thief trailer sneaks out

Off to Eidos Montreal for Thief 4
Darren Allan

April 3, 2013

Remember Thief? It’s been almost a decade since the last instalment of the franchise, Deadly Shadows, but now the first trailer of the next episode (Thief 4, if you will) has emerged.

For those who don’t remember Thief, it’s a stealth adventure with the absolute emphasis on stealth. You have to sneak around, move very quietly, stick to the shadows and slip past many guards…

You can kill those guards, but that’s very much not the optimal way to complete the missions – and often a fight will lead to more guards discovering you, and the end of the road.

Arrows are much better used not to pierce your enemy’s skulls, but for various utility purposes – there are rope arrows you can use to reach otherwise inaccessible ledges, water arrows you can douse torches with, so you can slip past in the darkness, and so forth.

The new Thief is billed as a “reinvention” of the franchise, and is being developed by the folks behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution. No, they aren’t the original devs – that’s Looking Glass, who went bust before game number three, though many of them still worked on that third title (at Ion Storm).

This is a complete departure to Eidos Montreal, but we very much liked what they did with the latest Deus Ex ourselves, so we have faith…

Anyway, check the trailer out below. It doesn’t give much away, but for the fact that you’re going to be stealing valuable stuff (no surprises there). The graphics look more like cut-scenes than in-game in the main, mind.

Thief will be out on the PC, PS4, and “other next-gen consoles” which is presumably a reference to the next Xbox. We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.


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