Apple TV to come with iRing remote?

Wave your ring to change the channel, apparently...
Darren Allan

April 4, 2013

After iWatch (Apple’s alleged smartwatch) speculation pretty much dominating since the new year, it’s now time for the Apple TV (also known as the iTV) to take centre stage in the theatre of rumours once more.

An analyst, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, reckons that his sources in the Apple supply chain over in Asia have convinced him that Cupertino will indeed launch its iTV full HDTV product at some point this year.

And he’s revealed some extra info about the TV set – namely that it’s going large, with a 60 inch model, and possibly a 50-55 inch option. Previously, it was thought there would be three flavours, with a smaller 40-46 inch model at the low end.

Also, White claims that Apple will be providing an iRing device as a remote – essentially a wearable ring that’s a remote control, acting as a “pointer” for the TV.

Both these rumours, however, seem rather unlikely. The TV size issue will certainly be a problem for folks with small living rooms, who will undoubtedly struggle with a 50-60 inch TV set in terms of fitting it in a corner, as well as having enough space to sit far enough away for comfortable viewing.

And the iRing just seems a bit odd full-stop. We thought the idea was a Kinect-style camera, which would just read your hands for motion control (with voice control, Siri flavoured, too)?

The analyst also reckons the iTV will come with a mini-iTV screen, a 10 inch display which is hooked up to the main unit to allow the owner to view programmes in other rooms around the house – and also for video conferencing and the like.

So, erm, yes. A bundled iPad?

Again, this seems like a stretch – and it will certainly stretch the price of the TV set.

While Apple products are always priced at a premium, the company can only push it so far when it comes to the television. Look at the big HDTV players such as Sony currently struggling in the prolonged economic downturn.

Meanwhile, BGR (who broke this story) note that Topeka has a big “Buy” rating firmly stamped on Apple shares, with a one year target of $888 (which would be some upturn). Could it just be in the interests of the company to be talking Apple up, right now?

We’re still not convinced Apple is going to seriously move into the HDTV market. As for the smartwatch arena – yes, that’s a far less risky proposition. But TV… that would be a very bold move indeed.


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