LucasArts game studio is shuttered

The day the tentacle got chopped off
Darren Allan

April 4, 2013

The LucasArts game development studio has been closed down by the bigwigs at Disney.

Disney bought up LucasArts in the autumn of last year, and negative feelings started to emanate from the outfit even back then, when Disney put a freeze on hiring.

Kotaku notes that while publicly Disney is saying it hopes to license off the games LucasArts currently has in development – Star Wars: First Assault, and Star Wars 1313 – to another developer, the odds of this actually happening are pretty dire.

In fact, in the case of Star Wars 1313, the odds are “effectively zero” according to one of Kotaku’s sources. An equally optimistic source notes: “With the teams now basically being dispersed I think both games are effectively dead forever.”

So this seems more like a measure to placate fans to some extent, and give them some hope, rather than an actual business move.

‘Tis a sad day indeed for the games industry, as LucasArts brought us some true classics.

In fact the first PC game we ever bought, and the reason we bought a PC in the first place (a muscly 486DX running at a blistering 33MHz), was LucasArts’ space combat classic X-Wing.

The stable has brought a number of great Star Wars titles to the table – Dark Forces is another – and not so great ones, too (Rebel Assault, ahem – and of course the most recent outing, Kinect Star Wars, did not go down well either).

LucasArts was equally famous for its classic adventures, as well, such as the Monkey Island series, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle.

As we said, a sad day indeed…


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