Xbox 720 reveal next month

Seems like always-on Internet is the unfortunate order of the day
Darren Allan

April 8, 2013

More Xbox 720 rumours have hit the press, this time from a named (and pretty trustworthy) source compared to some of the previous anonymous (and possibly made up) tipsters.

Paul Thurrott is a famous name when it comes to Microsoft leaks, and according to a report on OXM, he has come forward to name the reveal date of the next Xbox (generally referred to as the Xbox 720). And that date is May 21, a month from the end of next week.

We will then, finally, find out some concrete details on Microsoft’s new console, although we wouldn’t expect too much to be unveiled.

Rather like Sony’s PS4 presentation back in February, this will likely be just a taster, with the full reveal doubtless coming at E3.

According to Thurrott, though, the “always-on” aspect of the console is true – in other words, you’ll have to be connected to the Internet to use the device at all, no matter whether the game or app in question needs online connectivity.

This is a persistent rumour which has displeased many, and indeed some have pledged they won’t touch a console that stipulates always-on connectivity. We think it’s a mistake to go down this road, certainly… but this is still just a rumour.

The other major tip Thurrott puts forward is that the rumoured cut-down version of the next Xbox – designed for media viewing, streaming, and casual gaming – isn’t going to happen. The so-called project “Yumo” was explored, but won’t happen in 2013; though it may do further down the road.

What is coming, though, is a $99 budget Xbox 360, perhaps instead of Yumo – in a Wii Mini style for those who really don’t want to spend much at all. Though the latter really hasn’t done very well for Nintendo – that said, the Wii Mini is very much stripped down.


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