EE doubles up 4G speeds

Real-world LTE surfing should hit 20Mbps+
Darren Allan

April 10, 2013

Lately, we’ve been hearing quite regularly about the expansion of EE’s 4G LTE network, but now the company has declared it’s focusing on quality and not just quantity.

EE – its 4G service is now available in 50 towns and cities across the UK – is planning on introducing “double-speed” 4G in certain locations. A bit like BT did with its FTTC, doubling speeds up last year.

EE’s boosted 4G connections will offer a headline speed of 80Mbps. In the real world, that should translate to double the current average speed, and surfing/streaming at over 20Mbps on the go.

Speeds of 20Mbps are much better than what many can hope for with fixed-line broadband in the UK, let alone mobile, and as EE notes these sort of speeds are fine for streaming the likes of HD video to your smartphone.

Although, as ever, with increasing speeds, data allowance becomes more of an issue – particularly with EE’s 4G tariffs which don’t exactly come cheap.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, commented: “Since we launched 4G, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way people are using mobile. Video already accounts for 24 per cent of all traffic on our 4G network – that’s significantly more than on 3G.”

“Maps, mobile commerce, sat-nav tools and cloud services are all seeing a similar rise. Mobile users in the UK have a huge appetite for data-rich applications, and this will only grow as people become more familiar with and reliant upon next generation technologies and services.”

The next target date for EE’s 4G rollout is June, when the 80 towns and cities milestone is expected to be reached.


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