Next Apple Macs will support 802.11ac

Getting down with the new Wi-Fi standard
Darren Allan

April 10, 2013

The next-generation of Macintosh computers, due in the near-ish future, will apparently support the 802.11ac (currently draft) wireless standard, according to a rumour doing the rounds.

The speculation, highlighted by 9to5Mac, has been put forward by a “tipster” who has been poking around in the latest beta seed of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 (the Mac’s operating system).

The 802.11ac-related code wasn’t found in the previous 10.8.3 version of Mountain Lion.

802.11ac is the as yet still not concrete spec which takes over from 802.11n, providing much faster Wi-Fi speeds over the 5GHz band. Currently, streaming the likes of HD movies using Wi-Fi can be less than ideal, but 802.11ac should go a long way towards helping us chuck out cables for good.

Although currently, the 802.11ac draft routers on the market don’t offer a massive speed increase – but as the standard is refined, that will change (and even so, they do offer some concrete performance gains at the moment, at least from the reviews we’ve seen).

802.11ac should also provide a better range coverage, as well, although that could be a trickier proposition to fulfil than the faster speeds.

It’s all good, though, and Apple Mac fans will surely welcome the news that Cupertino is planning to incorporate 802.11ac into the next Macintosh machines.


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