Tablets ahead of mobiles with iPlayer

More programme requests from slate owners than smartphones
Darren Allan

April 20, 2013

The Beeb has released its latest iPlayer figures, showing the amount of views in March, and some interesting mobile stats have been revealed.

The headline news is that tablet programme requests have now exceeded those made on smartphones – showing the spread of tablets, and their usage as media consumption devices, throughout the UK.

In total there were 200,000 more tablet views than mobiles, with the total of both tablets and smartphones making up 30 per cent of the overall programme requests.

That’s a pretty impressive slice of the viewing pie for mobile devices. Back in October 2011, 6 per cent of requests came from mobiles, and 3 per cent from tablets, for a total of just 9 per cent.

So mobile viewing has more than trebled in the last year and a half.

Total requests back then were 153 million, incidentally, compared to 272 million in March 2013 – which again shows how much faster mobile viewing is rising compared to the overall figures.

Apparently the top iPlayer shows for this March were the Comic Relief specials, and Top Gear: Africa (Top Gear always does well on iPlayer).


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