Sub-£200 Android notebooks coming

Never mind Windows 8...
Darren Allan

April 26, 2013
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PC sales are in a definite slump, and prices are becoming cheaper in an effort to try and convince consumers to buy – and we could soon see notebooks retailing for less than 200 notes. Android-powered notebooks, no less, according to Intel.

The decline of the PC has been more precipitous than expected over the last year or so, with sales dwindling due to a number of factors – the rise of the tablet, the fact that PCs last longer these days before they become obsolete, and indeed the unpopularity of Windows 8 (on new machines).

Not to mention the ever-gloomy economic climate meaning that folks have less to spend on tech in general.

Of course, at the moment you can grab a Chromebook for £230, but that’s not strictly a laptop as we know them (cloud-reliant as Chromebooks are).

Soon enough, though, there will be Intel notebooks pitching in at under $200 in the US (and presumably well under £200 over here), or so Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently said. And now Dadi Perlmutter has come forward to say that these low priced laptops will run Intel’s Atom CPU in combination with Android, mainly, not Windows.

There will, of course, be Windows 8-loaded budget machines, but whether they can be pitched that cheaply will depend on Microsoft, Perlmutter notes in a C-net report. (In other words – no, they won’t be that cheap).

Is Android set to dominate every sphere of mobile devices, and not just smartphones? If this is the sort of movement we’re expecting in notebooks, and the iPad’s market share continues to shrink in the tablet world (it’s now down to 48 per cent according to Strategy Analytics, only 5 per cent ahead of Android slates), the answer to that question may well be yes.


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