Call of Duty: Ghosts revealed

Coming to a console near you on bonfire night
Darren Allan

May 1, 2013

The next instalment in the mighty Call of Duty series has been revealed, and it goes by the name of Ghosts.

Activision has announced that Ghosts will “usher in the next generation of the franchise,” and it will be a new “gameplay experience” built on a new next-gen Call of Duty engine.

Yes, that means the game will be coming to the Xbox 720 and PS4 with this new engine, and added visual goodness – although it will be out on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC initially, with the release date being November 5th.

And, yes, the theme being Ghosts – that means masks, shadows, stealth – and the setting is the future, after some kind of major catastrophe (weapons being in line with current guns and military tech).

According to a press release from Asda – with the supermarket announcing the opening of pre-orders – the single player campaign will have more in the way of destructible environments, but that’s about the only actual concrete detail regarding the game at the moment.

Oh – and the fact that the multiplayer will introduce more interactive areas and traps. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean a Duke Nukem style “let’s all sit around with our pipe bomb detonators” situation…

Ghosts is moving away from the traditional CoD territory, and Activision is therefore taking something of a risk with its juggernaut shooter – but we’re betting it stays anchored to the tried and tested formula in many ways, and the risk has been absolutely minimised.

In reality, they need to do something different with the franchise, which has already been accused of staleness in some quarters.

The game will be fully unveiled at the Xbox 720 launch event in three weeks.


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