BlackBerry is on the up and up?

Q10 is proving a success
Darren Allan

May 7, 2013

The latest buzz from analysts regarding BlackBerry (the company formerly known as RIM) is that its fortunes have taken an upward swing.

At least according to an analyst from Jeffries, Peter Misek, who stated in a message to clients that sales of the BlackBerry Q10 – the firm’s new Qwerty keyboard bearing BlackBerry 10 handset – were strong in both the UK and Canada.

There was no mention of the US, mind, but sales in the UK have always typically been stronger for BlackBerry (and US market share has practically dwindled to nothing over 2012).

Apparently according to the analyst, the BlackBerry Q10 has sold out, or is in short supply due to demand, with Orange, Vodafone, and Carphone Warehouse in the UK.

It’s the first positive news we’ve heard about beleaguered BlackBerry in a long time. There’s still a long road to recovery ahead, though…

We’re assuming that the Q10 is selling well to businesses, although Misek doesn’t make that clear. How the Z10 – the new touchscreen-only model, pictured above – is faring with consumers, we’re not sure, but we’re betting not nearly as well as the Q10 is going.

The iPhone, Galaxy S4 and the likes of the HTC One will not make consumer turf an easy prospect for the Z10.


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