Nokia Lumia 928 shown off

Focus is on the camera
Darren Allan

May 8, 2013

Nokia is going to unveil a new Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 928, next week (on May 14 to be precise).

So what’s it all about? Well, the phone is the first Windows Phone model to carry Pureview technology, although it won’t have a 41-megapixel snapper like the original Pureview 808.

In fact, the Lumia 928 will boast an 8.7-megapixel camera, but as we all know by now, megapixels are far from the only important consideration when it comes to photos. The 928’s camera will feature Carl Zeiss optics, and optical image stabilisation which outdoes its competition, such as the iPhone and Galaxy S.

Indeed, Nokia has put a video up here which shows the new Lumia 928 filming a rollercoaster ride, compared to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 (we’re not sure why they didn’t use the S4 – except for the obvious reason that the comparison wasn’t nearly as favourable).

At any rate, looking at the footage shot by the Lumia 928, it’s good for night time filming. Indeed, the colours are better, the low light performance superior, and the picture generally sharper than the iPhone 5 or S3.

But then again, the iPhone 5 is due a refresh before too long now, and of course the S3 has already been refreshed as we’ve already mentioned – so the comparison isn’t entirely fair in that respect.

Still, we don’t doubt this will be a good Nokia snapper.

The Lumia 928 will also run with a relatively compact 4.5 inch screen – at least compared to the giant Android displays these days – and it will support LTE.

We’ll be on hand with the full low-down at the launch next week.


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