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Security equipment

Pinhole camera
& DVR pci

Wireless CCTV

Some form of surveillance system around your home, business, or other property, is increasingly important these days. Partly it’s the increasing trend in petty crimes such as vandalism, but also because police forces often treat such offences with less seriousness.

Leaps in digital technology means that CCTV equipment is not simply technologically better, but also cheaper and more accessible for the home-owner. CCTV cameras and monitoring systems can be cheaply bought and easily installed around property.

Any kind of surveillance system needs to be set up with a good set of security camera equipment. But, again, not only is there a number of different camera options available, according to your needs, but it most options have very affordable ranges for the home or small business.

Digital technology means you can use any kind of DVR system system to record and monitor your camera feeds and images. Simply use a dedicated DVR, or else you can use a DVR PCI card on your computer for this purpose.

Having a home surveillance system in your home can have a range of other uses, and can be as flexible as you require. For example, you can set up a camera in child’s room, to serve as a baby monitor, and ensure that baby - or other small children - are safe and well while you are in a different room.