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XConnect gets $10 million cash injection

XConnect, a leader in secure and neutral next generation ENUM-registry services and interconnection, announced that it has now raised about $10 million in Series B funding. It was able to raise.. more
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Tpad makes Thus transfer easy

Tpad announced that it has created an option that will allow customers to transfer discontinued services for VoIP to another provider, following the news that business ISP THUS will not allow.. more
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iNum offers HD VoIP

Voxbone, an international VoIP provider announced yesterday that its iNum international independent number service is now able to provide high-definition (HD) voice support with a uniform identifier so that phone calls.. more
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Thales Time Stamp Server 5.0

Thales announced that customers are now able to securely sign digital software and documents using the Time Stamp Server 5.0. The new time stamping security appliance can work alongside many already invented rights management tools and is able to promote integrity in information for legal.. more
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Radware work with Financial Express

Radware, a leading market provider of delivery application integrated solutions announced that it partnered with Financial Express in order to deploy a new line of network and application devices to protect security at two prominent UK data centres. Financial Express was able to successfully deploy.. more
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AT&T admits blocking 3G VoIP

AT&T has admitted to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States that it struck a deal so that mobile VoIP calling would not be permitted on the company’s 3G network. At the moment, however, AT&T is not the only guilty party, as none of.. more
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ShoreTel users can make calls with Skype

Skype and ShoreTel Inc announced this week that would-be Skype users can now make voice calls using the ShoreTel UC system, due to a new interoperability between the beta version of Skype for SIP and ShoreTel’s UC system. The integration of the new systems marks.. more
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Genetec, a member of the security industry and leader in providing IP security solutions, announced that it now has Omnicast available through the IONODES SV-3200 Network Security Appliance. This is just another effort by Genetec to continue to enhance its system of supported hardware so.. more
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Netgear Digital Entertainer Live

Netgear launched a new set top box on Tuesday titled the Digital Entertainer Live that allows an HDTV to be connected to a web video service such as Hulu or any hard drive that is on the same home network. The Digital Entertainment Live will.. more
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USB Mozzy killer

It seems that the creators of new USB dives are getting a bit carried away with how many different functions they can try on the novelty market what with fans, alert systems, torches and many more. For those who love the little novelty items and.. more
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