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A major piece of spam at work from - high volume blog spam and high volume referrer spam at the same time. The most insidious part of it is that.. more
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KattyBlackyard IP: in massive blog spam attack

A massive amount of web spam has been hitting the internet over the weekend, all sourced from a single user on an IP originating in Moldova. Using the name “KattyBlackyard” and.. more
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Finjan gains new European patent for malware protection

Finjan today announced that the European Patent Office has granted the company Patent No. EP 0 965 094 B1 entitled “System and Method for Protecting a Computer and a Network from.. more
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The news alerts email spam continues to develop, with CNN again the target of the latest wave of email spam. Titled Daily Top 10, the email contains a table of supposed top ten CNN stories plus top 10 CNN video links. However, none of.. more
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Auto Identification Card email spam

Another common subject line in email spam at present: Auto Identification Card. The email comes with the following message: The Auto Identification Card document that you requested is attached Please do not reply to this email If you have questions please call your contact at.. more
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Airlines targeted in new malware threat

A string of new email spam this morning, all claiming to be payment receipts from US airlines - provided as a malware-laden zip file. The following airlines were used in the headers in the ones we got this morning: - Virgin America - Delta Air.. more
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Hot on the heels of the CNN Alerts: my custom alert email spam comes a new variant: BREAKING NEWS spam. The emails follow the same format as the CNN spam, with the link to the supposed featured story going to an unrelated third-party website.. more
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CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert email spam

A new form of email spam has been deluging the web over the past week. The emails are all titled “CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert email spam”, and are filled with links to relevant CNN newsletter links. However, the emails are spoofed with the main.. more
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194.8.75.x on big blog spam run

Various IP’s in the C class (/24) IP block are running like the clappers with blog spam today. The blog spam is being posted in high volume, and the spam all links to pages on free webhosting accounts, advertising typical high-paying affiliate keyword links... more
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Malware targets Oympic emails

MessageLabs has reported that it has identified at least thirteen different Olympic themed attacks, using email to try and fool users into downloading trojans. With legitimate-sounding email subject titles such as “The Beijing 2008 Torch Relay” and “National Olympic Committee and Ticket Sales Agents”, some.. more
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