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Edinburgh adds CCTV to bus lanes to catch drivers

Edinburgh has installed CCTV cameras along the city’s bus lanes, in order to capture and prosecute drivers who use them illegally. Ten specific routes have been initially targeted, with the CCTV.. more
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New MOBOTIX D14 DualDome Camera

The new weatherproof and shock-resistant MOBOTIX D14 DualDome camera with 6,2 megapixels is a more powerful successor model of the D12 camera. With the two separately adjustable camera modules, each with.. more
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St. Nicholas Church uses MOBOTIX to protect and serve its congregation

MOBOTIX AG, a leading manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems has released details of a project at the parish of St. Nicholas, one of the UK’s oldest churches, that.. more
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Pendle man sets up SIMCAM remote camera business after stroke

A Pendle man has launched an innovative new remote camera telemetry business after having a stroke two years ago. Stan Glover had led an active and healthy life, having previously been a market manager, but he suffered a massive stroke in July 2008. He was.. more
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Security Reaches a New Level at Scott County Jail

Scott County Jail sought a real-time video analytics solution for the detection of unauthorized people in restricted zones. Automatic detections serve their security needs due to the substantial size of the site, which otherwise would demand a large number of staff physically patrolling the restricted.. more
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Vemotion supports wide range of CCTV cameras

Vemotion Interactive, specialists in live video transmission over low bandwidth connections, today announced the completion of development work to enable the Vemotion technology to be used with a wide range of cameras now available on the market. This development extends the use and value of.. more
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A major piece of spam at work from – high volume blog spam and high volume referrer spam at the same time. The most insidious part of it is that appears to be solely built to promote the website – which in.. more
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KattyBlackyard IP: in massive blog spam attack

A massive amount of web spam has been hitting the internet over the weekend, all sourced from a single user on an IP originating in Moldova. Using the name “KattyBlackyard” and posting through the IP, the blog spam attack is one of the most.. more
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Finjan gains new European patent for malware protection

Finjan today announced that the European Patent Office has granted the company Patent No. EP 0 965 094 B1 entitled “System and Method for Protecting a Computer and a Network from Hostile Downloadables”. This patent further adds to Finjan’s extensive and comprehensive intellectual property portfolio.. more
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The news alerts email spam continues to develop, with CNN again the target of the latest wave of email spam. Titled Daily Top 10, the email contains a table of supposed top ten CNN stories plus top 10 CNN video links. However, none of.. more
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