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Virgin upgrades for 50Mbps cable products

The growth of broadband has, on occasion, seen the blockage that out-of-date dial-up presented, shift from the connection to the customer’s home, to the diverse fundamentals of the provider’s core network... more
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Tiscali Decline Carphone Warehouse Offer

Carphone Warehouse has been disqualified from the primary phase of bidding for Tiscali following an offer of £550m for the UK assets that was discarded following a four hour board meeting... more
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Cellcrypt hypes ultra-secure mobile calls

UK stealth modemarket entrant, Cellcrypt, has begun touting an innovative encryption system that attempts to resolve a security dilemma most companies would rather avoid – insecure mobile phone calls. Cellcrypt claim.. more
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Users hit by phony MP3 files

Adware peddlers have found a novel method to deceive users, said security vendor McAfee. The company stated that it has seen a vast increase in fake MP3 file distribution on peer-to-peer networks. Even though the files have names that make them appear as audio recordings,.. more
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Innovative security features supplement Google Apps

Google Apps set of office tools is being supplemented by the addition of security for remote workers. Google Web Security for Enterprise, the consequence of last year’s procurement of Postini, includes real-time malware defense and URL filtering with policy enforcement and reporting. In a statement.. more
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Microsoft to release four new patches

Microsoft is scheduled to fix serious defects in its Word, Publisher and Jet database software this week. Additionally the software vendor aims to release a lesser-critical update for its anti-virus products, addressing a defect that attackers could leverage to initiate a denial of service (DoS).. more
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Bull publicizes bootable USB drive

Bull has a gadget for businesses concerned about the security of data stored on laptops, namely a bootable, portable password-protected hard disk drive with an embedded cryptographic processor that shields data if the device is misplaced or stolen. Globull is a bright red item about.. more
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UK phishing attacks double

Phishing attacks on UK customers have more than doubled for the first quarter of this year, according to Apacs, the UK payment association. Apacs recorded more than 10,000 reported phishing incidents in the first quarter of 2008, in excess of 200 percent up from the.. more
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Zero-day flaw uncovered in Microsoft Works

Chinese-language blogs are specifying a zero-day susceptibility in Microsoft Works, the company’s lower-end office productivity suite, according to security vendor McAfee. The vulnerability is inside an ActiveX control for the Works’ Image Server, wrote McAfee analyst Kevin Beets. A PC would need to visit a.. more
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Apple finally fixes $10k fault

Apple has released a security patch for its Safari web browser, fixing the flaw that earned one security researcher $10,000 at the CanSecWest security conference. The flaw was exploited by Independent Security Evaluators Researcher Charlie Miller to gain access to a MacBook Air computer three.. more
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