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European researchers create 3D invisibility technology

European researchers are the first to create an invisibility cloak with the power to make a hidden object invisible in 3 dimensions. Previous invisibility technology only worked in two dimensions, meaning.. more
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Chip implant can stimulate paralysed muscles

The BBC today reported a major advance in technology with the potential to help paraplegics and others with muscle paralysis. ‘Active Book’ is a silicon chip attached to platinum foil electrodes.. more
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Sky to close Bravo in New Year

Both Bravo and Bravo 2, which focus on male interests, are being closed on 1 January 2011. The move follows Sky’s £160 million acquisition of the Living TV Group, which was.. more
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2011 could be the year of Connected TV

The convergence of television and the internet through services such YouView, Google TV and Apple TV is now really taking off and new research by Kantar Meadia suggest 2011 could be a boom year for IPTV. The firm found that only 42 per cent of.. more
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Cloudnet offers free IP handsets

In an effort to promote the use of VoIP, and to celebrate its first year in business, Cloudnet is offering free phones to SMEs who subscribe to its Cloudnet Connect Service. The company says the free Grandstream internet phones and Siemens Cordless DECT business phone.. more
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600,000 Galaxy Tab tablets sold in first month

Samsung Electronics has sold over 600,000 Galaxy Tab tablets globally in the first month of sales. The 7-inch tablet is the first major Android-based rival to Apple’s popular iPad, which notched up one million sales in its first month, just in the US. Samsung hopes.. more
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Sneaky Kroxxu botnet infects 100,000 web domains

avast! Virus Lab has detected a new botnet which is believed to have infected 100,000 web domains in the last year. The Kroxxu botnet, which spreads through infected web sites rather than individual PCs, steals FTP passwords and adds a script tag to web site.. more
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Royal Wedding could boost 3D TV market

Just as the Queen’s coronation boosted television sales in 1953, next years’ royal wedding might be just what the 3D TV market needs, if rumours of a 3D broadcast prove true. When Prince William marries Kate Middleton in 2011 there is speculation that the wedding.. more
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Eutelsat’s KA-SAT ready for December launch

Paris-based Eutelsat Communications has announced that its KA-SAT satellite has been flown to the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and is on track for a 20 December launch. The Astrium-built satellite will serve over one million users across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, via 80 spotbeams.. more
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Stuxnet may have delayed Iran’s nuclear programme

When news of the Stuxnet worm hitting Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant came out back in September, officials claimed that it had not caused any serious damage. However Ollie Heinonen, formerly of the United Nations nuclear inspections team has told Reuters news agency that the.. more
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