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Freeview comes to Apple’s Ipad

Avermedia Technologies has launched a digital Freeview television tuner for Apple’s Ipad, as well as a HomeFree player app, allowing iPad users to watch live Freeview broadcasts on the device via.. more
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ARM reaches into server and IPTV markets

Speculation is growing that ARM is almost ready to reveal a 64-bit version of its processor chips, which could mark the company’s move into the server or gaming market. According to.. more
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BeatBullying calls for cyber-bullying laws

UK charity BeatBullying is calling for new laws to help stamp out cyber bullying. As part of National Anti-Bullying Week the charity is campaigning for a law that would make cyber.. more
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Orb TV goes where Google TV cannot

In the US, Orb Networks has launched an Internet TV Solution which allows viewers to watch TV network sites such as Hulu and which are blocked on Google TV, Boxee and the PlayStation 3. The difference is that the products which deliver these services.. more
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Virgin Media says ‘something special’s coming’

Virgin Media has published a pic of its forthcoming TiVo set-top box on its website, although most of the device is hidden beneath a red cloth. The remote is revealed in all its glory, although it does look pretty much like any other Virgin Media.. more
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Murdoch threatens to take his ball and go home

James Murdoch told delegates at the Morgan Stanley TMT conference in Barcelona that News Corp might pull out of its £7.8bn bid for BSkyB and invest overseas instead. Mr Murdoch’s impatience stems from UK Business Secretary Vince Cable’s decision to refer the bid to Ofcom.. more
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Skype weddings and divorces – whatever next?

It’s only a couple of weeks since we reported the first divorce over Skype and now a gay couple have tied the knot over the VoIP phone service. Gay Texans Mark Reed’s and Dante Walkup’s wedding is believed to be the first to take place.. more
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New camera technology can ‘see round corners’

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)is developing technology that camera-shy types are going to hate – a camera that can take photographs around corners. There’s no escape from the laser-based technology which emits ultra-short high-intensity burst of light that bounces around before returning to the.. more
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BBC sells Animal Planet to Discovery Channel

BBC Worldwide is selling its 50% stakes in the Animal Planet and Liv channels to its joint-venture partner Discovery Channel for $156 million. The move is in line with the recommendations of the BBC Trust’s 2009 review, which said that the BBC’s commercial arm should.. more
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L4 Media announces Panorama IPTV widget platform

Florida based L4 Media group has launched its Panorama IPTV widget platform, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Google TV, at the Telco TV show in the US. The platform allows IPTV and television service providers to deliver personalised content such as Twitter.. more
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