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Apple improves software download utility for Windows with version 2.1

Apple has responded to critism of its “Software Update” tool for Windows. In version 2.1 users now see a split window with two separate lists for updates and new software. The.. more

Microsoft warns web-hosting providers of zero-day flaw

The vulnerability affects Windows XP Service Pack 2 as well as all supported versions and editions of Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. It allows for elevation of.. more

Browser attacks becoming more sophisticated say experts

Security experts at the RSA Conference 2008 warn that browser attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Infected websites can allow a browser to be taken over in bot-like fashion. For example on.. more

UK Government virtual world “Safe” hacked by pranksters-ha ha

The story circulating around various websites today about a top-secret virtual world “Safe” seems to have originated at PC world Romania, by Ana-Maria Arsene , editor online. If the Google search times are accurate they reveal that version was posted an hour before the.. more

Arbor Networks says 2% of internet traffic “raw sewage”

For the last 18 months Arbor Networks has been gathering data from ISPs using Peakflow SP systems in order to evaluate internet traffic and attack characteristics over time. Chief Research Officer, Danny McPherson says, “We’ve currently got 68 discrete ISPs participating, covering over 100k interfaces.. more

New Zealand’s genius teenage hacker pleads guilty on all counts

18 year old, Owen Walker, also known as ‘Akil’, has pled guilty to all six charges against him. Walker headed a group of hackers calling themselves the “A team”, and was responsible for infecting 1.3 million computers with adware. Receiving about forty cents per computer.. more

MIT Kerberos Consortium welcomes Microsoft as a founding sponsor

Slava Kavsan, Director of Development for Windows Core Security at Microsoft, will take a seat on the Executive Board, joining Jordan Hubbard from Apple, Paul Armstrong from Google, Wyllys Ingersoll from Sun, and Wilson D’Souza from MIT. Launched in September 2007, the Kerberos Consortium includes.. more

Secure Computing opposes Finjan request for injunction in patent battle

Secure Computing filed a court motion in Delaware on the 26th of March to set aside jury verdict of infringement and to enter judgment that Finjan’s patents are invalid. Mike Gallagher, Secure Computing’s senior vice president, product development and support, says that there are no.. more

US Federal Trade Commission Settles With TJX, Reed Elsevier and Seisint

In two unrelated data-breach decisions settled with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) three firms have agree to settle charges “that each engaged in practices that, taken together, failed to provide reasonable and appropriate security for sensitive consumer information.” The settlements require the companies to.. more

IFRAME SEO attack spreads to over a million search queries

The IFRAME Search engine optimization (SEO) which began last week has spread and has infected an increasing number of important sites. The latest high profile sites found to have the IFRAMES redirecting browsers to fake security software and Zlob malware variants are: more