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Google’s Nexus S launches with space shuttle

On Friday the space shuttle Atlantis launched into space for the final mission of NASA’s veteran fleet of spacecraft - and took with it a Samsung Nexus S into space. This.. more

LG Optimus 3D targets gaming market

lg-optimus-3d LG has today announced that the world’s first 3D phone, the LG Optimus 3D, is to target the handheld gaming market, with the release of 17 stereoscopic 3D games from Gameloft... more

Orange releases three new Android smartphones

orange-smartphones Orange has released three budget smartphones running Android, all with its own branding and unique models. The new models are from left to right are called the Stockholm, Monte Carlo and.. more

HTC buys S3 Graphics

This morning it was announced that the smartphone manufacturer HTC has bought S3 graphics from VIA Technologies for $300 Million. VIA Technologies is a company based in Taiwan who produce processor platforms, and acquired S3 graphics in 2001. These platforms of graphics are used for.. more

NFC payments to triple mobile payments by 2015

Mobile payments have dramatically increased in the last few years, and Juniper Research today released a study stating that payments will increase from $240 billion as of this year, to $670 billion in 2015. This major increase is due to the vast amount of smartphones.. more

5 best Windows 7 customisation methods and tools

As nice as some might think Windows 7 does look, it does lack a bit of more advanced customisation. Here I will list and explain some methods to improve the look of your operating system and desktop, all using simple programs and tools. 1. Windows.. more

Google Plus: Revealed

Google recently announced their new social network, named Google Plus, was to be released shortly. Today more information about it has been revealed, and it has become open for limited field trails, which has allowed people to request an invite to the network to start.. more