How to stop Flash Player crashing

adobe-flash-player-crash Adobe products have been a constant thorn in the side for computer users. It used to be the case that Adobe PDF files would crash Mozilla Firefox at will. Then Adobe.. more

Best of the Web: Top 20 Websites

internet The worldwide web… it’s big. Like, really big. The strands of the web are threaded between servers across the globe, and a ton and a half of content nestles on those.. more

Google homepage error in Firefox

google-homepage-error Today am getting a apparent error when viewing the Google homepage in Firefox (v12.0). As in the image above, it results in a range of different Google graphics and icons being.. more

Google Drive: Now Google wants to spy on your files

Today’s announcement that Google are going to provide cloud storage services has been widely covered, with media reports generally comparing Google Drive with Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Dropbox. However, the major difference between the services is that Google have made it plain they reserve the right.. more

iPhone 4S: Analysis

The launch of the Apple iPhone 4S will no doubt disappoint many, after long-standing hype through the year about a much improved iPhone 5 model. On the face of it, the cynical response is that the iPhone 4S is nothing but a “catch-up” device, bringing.. more

Sony PSP E-1000: FAIL

Nintendo are known for their very popular DS consol, which the younger generations have loved. So Sony has taken a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, and created the PSP E-1000 that is also aimed at the younger generation, but also to entice parents this is.. more

VOD Vs Live TV: away win

I can go days without watching a live TV broadcast. My TiVo records all of my favourite shows, and others it thinks I’ll like, too, so what’s the point of live TV? Football. My summer TV habits are hardly typical of my overall use of.. more

iRiver Story HD first eReader to use Google eBooks

Google love domination and eReading has now become no exception. Google already has a huge library of eBooks ready and waiting which will be easily accessed just like you would do on your computer or tablet. However Google eBooks has only been released in the.. more

128GB iPod Touch for Autumn?

The rumour mill about Apple’s newest releases continues to abound, and yet again we hear suggestions - hopes? - for a 128GB iPod Touch for the Autumn. This has been doing the rounds for the past few years, without a show. But now I want.. more

Google+ launches mobile app for iPhone

With an estimated 18 million users already, Google+ is gaining fast in both pace and popularity. Almost as soon as Google’s ground-breaking social network was up and running the internet giant had launched a mobile app for Android users, but it’s taken a month for.. more