128GB iPod Touch for Autumn?

July 25, 2011

The rumour mill about Apple’s newest releases continues to abound, and yet again we hear suggestions - hopes? - for a 128GB iPod Touch for the Autumn.

This has been doing the rounds for the past few years, without a show.

But now I want one.

For years I collected CD’s - you remember them? Silvery discs in a plastic case, with an album cover and lyrics inside.

And last week I finally ripped them all to MP3 format.

I like the idea of putting them all on an iPod as a music storage device - even more so that I’ve ordered a new hi-fi system and like the idea of adding an iPod dock to randomise music play through it.

I’m also endeared to the idea of being able to put my music in the Cloud, and with iOS 5 coming soon, that means my iPod being able to store locally and online.

The problem is: my ripped CD’s come to over 60GB. And I already have 15GB of downloaded music, all paid for through the Amazon store.

So that makes over 75GB of music to put somewhere.

Sure, I could get an iPod Classic, and by all accounts it would make for a good device with the only real criticism being the volume limiter.

But the classic isn’t likely to be running iOS 5, which means storing the music safely online could be another laborious task.

I have a Macbook, and an iPad - I like the appeal of syncing all of the devices.

I also have a HTC Desire smartphone and am even contemplating getting an iPhone - I’m used to touchscreen technology and there’s an appeal to using an iPod Touch because of that.

The iPod Classic, for all its strengths - not least massive storage capacity - feels too much like a step backwards.

So for the moment, I’m holding off buying an iPod. I really hope we see a 128GB version released for the Autumn.

I’m not sure if that’s a vain hope, though.

Apple defined the MP3 player with the iPod, not least because of its large capacity. The technology is there for the iPod Touch.

However, I’m left waiting to find out whether Apple will finally allow the iPod Touch to catch up to the better specs of the Classic.

And whether rather than join the digital revolution, with a host of Apple devices synced and connected to the cloud, I’m going to be left in the same place - lots of music, different devices, and little connection between them.


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