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Brian Turner -

The blog spam is really out in force at the moment, with a massive wave of blog and forum spam coming out of Russia and China at present.

The IP address is currently running wild on the blogp spam, with a comment that quotes the domain name, along with short inanae comment, followed by the word “ad” and a link to one of a large number of Russian websites.

IP’s from the 194.8.75.x are also coming through in volume again, after a similar wave of spam attacks last year.

It is recommended that sys admins consider block both the and 194.8.75.x IP ranges.

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  1. Tom Stevic says:

    I did a search and could not find the topic here, so, my question.

    Some (most?) of the blog spam I deal with comes from Russia. The comments section has no coherent content. Just a bunch of seemingly random words with HTML links that will take a person to a seemingly nonexistent website. I understand that the websites are trying to load viruses and crap, but what purpose are the words?

    An example (URLs removed):

    “Seldon wonderingl accolate humanity had accupril finally forsaken acetamin image vanished aciphex not hoodwink actone saw sweat actos pale skin acyclovir would mean adderal against his adipex grows old advair yet incalculab dangle.”

    This is the shortest one I think. Most are much, much longer.

    Are the random words truly random? Are they some secret SCO trick? Are they a really bad translation of something that means something in the native language?

    I know it is spam. That is not the question. I know how to block it, that has already been done.

    For what purpose are the non-link words even in the spam.?

    Inquiring minds are very curious.


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