Bonded broadband demand increases

Brian Turner

January 22, 2008

Bonded broadband demand increases

UK companies are increasingly turning to private bonded broadband services to cope with new media, as disillusionment with existing ISP’s continues.

While BT has stated that it aims to implement faster broadband solutions, customer satisfaction surveys have found businesses are rarely entirely satisfied with the product levels and service options offered.

This is all the more an issue as triple play services come into effect – the need for broadband, with VoIP and IPTV services bundled in.

In fact, IPTV and general video media are creating an increasing strain on Britain’s broadband networks, and additionally can adversely impact a company’s bandwidth speeds.

While British Telecom has tried to capture this market, poor service records with BT has pushed many companies to look for leased line alternatives.

One solution is to look at bonded ADSL and SDSL solutions, not least as part of a custom bonded broadband package, which aims to ensure that broadband performance is not adversely affected.

Another option being explored by an increasing number of companies is to invest in their own Virtual Private Network, which can help ensure the company’s communications infrastructure can be properly served.

The advantage of VPN networks over mainstream broadband solutions are based on usually cheaper pricing.

What’s more, is that Virtual Private Network solutions suffer far less with quality of service issues as they can be customised to cope with sudden demand, and additionally allow for greater security.

Overall, while improvements to the UK’s broadband networks continue, there remains plenty of room in the commercial sector for business to develop their own broadband solutions, tailored entirely to their own needs.


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  1. Xrio says:

    It seems that bonded adsl is the only way in which ADSL providers will be able to compete with Virgins new 50Mbps connection as Be just announced its bonded connection that only reaches 46Mbps!

    Even 21CN’s ADSL2+ and ADSL MAX services cant compete and the whole thing still doesnt fix the issue with poor upload speeds on all broadband Internet connections :(

    In addition most bonding providers limit you to using connections from one ISP meaning if this connection fails so will your duper-fast broadband connection.

    In my research providers like Broadbond have the best solution as its ISP independent and capable of bonding mixed connection types including 21CN, 3G and WIMAX which makes a lot more sense to me

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