Google homepage error in Firefox

Brian Turner

June 27, 2012

Today am getting a apparent error when viewing the Google homepage in Firefox (v12.0).

As in the image above, it results in a range of different Google graphics and icons being displayed.

I’ve tested other computers in the office, and they all display Google’s homepage fine.

If anyone else has seen this then please do let me know as it’s piqued my curiosity.

While I doubt this is the new look of Google, it’ll be interesting to know why this character set is displaying – and additionally, why it is showing – on just the one PC.

(You can see the full icon set displayed more closely in the below image.)


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  1. cpon says:

    Hi Brian, I got the same error in my IE, please could you tell me if you got any solution or workaround for this error ? Regards,

  2. Version 12 of Firefox was causing havoc with my computer to the point that i had to update to version 13.0.1 which is awesome. The character set you found is kinda weird so prob the best idea would be to upgrade. You may have a Firefox plug-in that needs to be updated.

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