HDTV – It’s good, but is it going to be hard work?

March 24, 2006

Sony 19
Have you done your HDTV research yet?

Maybe you’re just tired at the thought of another new high-street technology to wade through. You just know that you’ve got to do loads of homework; buy loads of “What Geek-pit” type magazines and spend hours pouring over meaningless tech-specs and acronym gibberish.

Well, maybe. I guess you could go that way. Some people even like doing the legwork apparently?!?

Actually, on the face of it – it’s not that hard to get to grips with, as I’m finding out.

Like most things techie you just have to work out what it all means, select what’s right for you, and then take a massive gamble on correctly predicting the prevailing technology in 12 months time!

I’m not an expert on HDTV, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Nobody is born knowing this stuff, so we’ve all got to start from a position of complete ignorance. Some of us may make only a very short journey down the road to understanding HDTV and end up in the village duck-pond. Others will hit the Autobahn in top gear.

You have to sympathise with many of the less encouraged of us. Though my father tried so very hard to engage with all the latest technology (and did a pretty good job actually) my mother is what has become known as a ‘refusenik’, which I always find a bit hard to reconcile.

I’m sure that with most of our more learned and experienced cohabitants (the oldies) they just dig-in when presented with unsympathetic, demographically targeted hype.

As a gadget-freak class III, I can take or leave most technology, but HDTV has me excited, hence my current quest for information.

As and when I find some useful information, I’m going to re-write it in plain English and post it on the Satellite TV forum so that you can benefit from my personal journey too.

Whatever you do though, check out HDTV. It’s amazing, and well worth a long hard look, even if you’re still a little dizzy from the last TV-standards update.



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