How to stop Flash Player crashing

Brian Turner

August 29, 2012

Adobe products have been a constant thorn in the side for computer users.

It used to be the case that Adobe PDF files would crash Mozilla Firefox at will.

Then Adobe Flash became a major security exploit for hackers to play with (and still is).

No wonder Steve Jobs trashed Flash a couple of years ago.

However, the latest problem with Adobe Flash is that Flash Player 11 loves to crash browsers.

You load up a page which - either directly or through advertising - includes a Flash video. Repeat a few times, then watch your browser freeze up and crash.

It’s a problem that’s been known about since towards the end of last year, but Adobe, in typical “we hate our users” fashion have yet to address the issue with a proper fix.

You might think Adobe simply think free software isn’t worth their time and attention.

It is - that’s why they released an update in June that made matters worse, especially for users of Firefox and other Mozilla products (such as Seamonkey).

However, as we can testify from Techwatch Towers, even with their paid software - not least Adobe InDesign - the company’s attitude to even paying customers is just as lamentable (they may or may not have fixed the issue of links not displaying properly in Indesign PDF’s - we’re past caring now, having dropped the software).

Yet there is a fix to stop Flash Player 11 from crashing.

Fix 1

The first fix is fairly simple - this might do it:

1. Load up a page with any Flash content
2. Right click on the Flash content on that page
3. Uncheck “Enable hardware acceleration”

Reboot your computer, just to make sure.

Fix 2

If that doesn’t help, you’re going to have to uninstall Flash Player 11.3 and re-install 10.3.

Instructions for doing this for Firefox can be found here.

You may still have to apply Fix 1, though!

Even still, if you’re using an Android device, Linux machine, or iMac, you’ve still got a good chance of running into problems.

Flash has become such a headache for Android, that Adobe have even pulled it from the Google Play app store.

Trouble is, it means that hackers have rushed out to fill the void with malware-ridden replacements.

Hopefully this information is enough stop Flash Player from crashing your browsers so frequently, though.

In the meantime, it looks as though Steve Jobs, although initially seen as being harsh on Adobe, was absolutely bloody right.

EDIT: It looks as thought Google continues to profit from some illicit activities - various readers may end up with an advert at the top left of this page, provided by Google Adsense advertising, offering a “free download” of Adobe Flash from a third party website. If you see that advert - do not click it!


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