How to stop Medieval Total War from crashing

Brian Turner

March 18, 2008

So I’ve been working like a slave recently - huge workload - mostly over. I’d been given Medieval Total War as a Christmas present and finally started playing it yesterday - but it kept crashing. Every five minutes, if not, sooner.

I did a pretty extensive Google Search and noticed lots of people talking about drivers, changing folder properties, screen resolutions, batch files, etc.

I’m on a new PC with an ATI Radeon card, and finally worked out how to solve it:

Solution: You must ensure the screen resolution for the game matches the screen resolution on your PC.

Worked so far - upped the screen resolution to 1240 but still crashed - though not as frequently - so adjusted it to match my 1280 resolution on my PC.

Now - no crashes.

So, if you’re playing Medieval Total War and you find the game crashing, just load up the game, then go to:

Options > Video

and ensure you select the strategy map resolution to match your PC default resolution mode.

I’ve not had any problems with battle resolution, but synced that as well just in case.

Obviously, this may not solve everybody’s problem - but as I’ve not seen any definitive answer on how to solve this, thought I’d better post my solution here for general reference. :)


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  1. sirlanalot says:

    I have tried this, but it still does not work.

  2. That Guy says:

    Thank you x5.

  3. Ken Brown says:

    It works… Thanks a million… Great… Now I can relive the glory days :)

  4. SeTh says:

    yeah..still dosen’t freaking work, I’m probly gonna just stop plaing this series, incrediblly awesome game, but all the bugs and crashing problems make it not woth my time

  5. Beno says:

    Buy this man a drink :) thanks so much

  6. anonym guy says:

    I believe this to be the graphics problem (again).
    Compatibility settings won’t work. if someone actually realises you don’t change your computer from vista to XP or win 98 for what that matters. you just change your settings to match that of XP or the chosen type (hint hint), you will therefore still have your current hardware and software running whatever you do unless you try running a virtual machine where you can install whatevere software you want or if you have a stationary computer where you can use older hardware.

    so far I’ve seen these problems:
    1. no CD found!
    just download a crack for it. found one called NoCD_loader. can’t be much harder than that unless you want rewrite a file so that you can skip a big load of the loading process where the game crashes with either hardware or software settings and go straight to the location and files needed to run the game instead (could be interesting if someone get that to work).

    2. game crashing (Medieval_TW.exe)!
    Now I don’t know where in the process it crashes for everyone but with me it crasher after the loading screen when starting for an example the campain. Sometimes I even get to play for a few seconds (yey).

    Of course try the compatibility sollutions as the game may not be made to be played in widescreen format, etc, though it should do that itself when it comes to resolution and such. I have been into the computers that’s picky about it but Vista have been somewhat obedient to my wishes.
    if your trying a bit more advanced sollutions as overriding lockdown and overriding sequences and such you should avoid thatas well as testing old drivers and software as it’s more likely you’ll ruin your computer. always keep up to date and if you remember to keep everything up to date, not only using windows update but actually looking a bit yourself, most of your problems should be okay.
    One of the biggest problems I’ve had with Vista is that I can’t seem to get rid of DX10 as I would like to get to install the DX package (can’t remember which one) so that I can get the previous versions as well and that would fix about 99% of all gaming problems. beside that it’s just if you’re using a 3D card your computer might have a hard time running 2D graphics, as would result it a bit lagg at the most (or a lot in newer games) especially in older games where the use of 2D graphics are absolute.
    remember to download from more trusted sites as well since you can come over lots of corrupted files (even on fabricant’s sites).

    3. You get brought back the the menu when trying to start a game.

    I’ve got no idea what could do that but I saw it on my friends computer. most guesses goes to DirectX as with newer computers your only provided with the latest edition

    That’s about it. Hope anyone got a decent and easy to use sollution as most people like me don’t want to reinstall their computers every time there happen something

  7. Some dude says:

    Downsizing the graphics help stop the game crashing butI still have a problem on the battle map. When I try to move troops by clicking on an area in the map it randomly directs them somewhere else and I can only select troops using the troop icons on the bottom left of the screen. I’ve tried a mix macth of graphics settings but no success!

  8. UK_John says:

    My problem, now I have an ATI card, is not crashing, but the red bar loading a tactical or strategic map taking 4-5 minutes to finish! This includes if I just ESCape to save a game and then click on ‘return to game’!

  9. hanz says:

    this did not solve the problem for me :/
    btw i cant choose a higher resolution than 800×600 in the game, how do you do that? not that it matters when i cant play it anyway but..

  10. steffr says:

    doesn’t work for me too …

    black screen … always !!

    i’ve change the drivers many times, trying oldies;
    i think the problem is frequent with ATI graphic cards; I’ve got a ATI radeon X800

  11. James says:

    How do you change the game’s resolustion?
    i went to options > video but it won’t let me change it
    why not?

  12. Jake says:

    Hmm. Well I changed the resolution on the monitor and game both to 1024/786 thinking the lower resolution wouldn’t put a huge strain on the game. Suddenly I was able to do Quick Battle, and I got all freaking excited and tried the campaign. And then it crashed again after the loading screen. And then I cried.

  13. coder free says:

    Thanks. It did work.I want to make an addition for the users hich didn’t work:Right click the medieval total war icon on the desktop, then click properties, come to compability window then select Windows Xp Service Pack 3 then there is a checkbox below the page “Rus as administrator”.Check this box then Click OK button and now play. I made windows resolution 1024×768 and in the game->video menu i made the two resolution 1024×768 too, then it worked perfecet!!

  14. Tim Seltzer says:

    Yeah..for some reason, it won’t let me adjust its resolution. It’ll let me adjust every other detail, just not the game’s resolution. Is there any other advice you can give? My email is Please..this is aggravating!

  15. osumu nagazaxsi says:

    yh i tried it, does not work every time i select a campaighn choose the era and faction it goes to the loading screen and a soon as it finishes it crashes and exits plz post another soloution .

  16. Hoppy says:

    Running ATI 4200i (Ooh the ATi is so rare isn’t it!!!!) with XP SP3. Does not give me compatibility option for XP when I right click icon but all previous versions of windows????

    Game tries to start but there is a strange snippet of sound begore the Total War logo comes up; screen then goes black and game dumps me back to windows. No wonder consoles are becoming more and more popular:(

  17. john says:

    can’t change the resolution of the game

  18. Eskil says:

    Yep, that fixed it! Thanks a bunch! :)

  19. Onno says:

    Hi, I didnt have the same problems apart from the crashing every now and then when I use my asassins and when artillary elephants are involved in a battle. I have both a dvd gold version and a no cd kingdom version. Both have different kind of bugs. I prefer playing the no cd version and downloaded the 1.2 patch but it asked for the cd when clicking the new exe file so I re-installed the old crack but it didnt work, it crashed immediately after clicking on it. So I found a special crack for 1.2 on the net but same problem. Now my no cd version doesnt work anymore at all. What should I do? I wanted the patch to be able to fight the Timurids and use the artillary elephants. This is so annoying, took me a whole day and it only got worse. I have to re-install now without the patch and will have the same bugs as before. Please advise.

  20. HellCold says:

    My graphics card is 9800 GTX, nVidia with the latest driver (I guess). Windows 7.

    Game wouldn’t open without compatibility with XP. Checked that, Campaign opened. Battles crash the game giving a frozen screen and an error message.

    Campaign opens and plays but crashes to desktop when I click/right-click certain countries in the strategy map (mostly Croatia, and some turns ALL countries crash when you just click the ground or try to open building/recruiting queues)

    This is very irritating. It crashes over and over again and I can’t even choose what to build/recruit. Ending the turn sometimes solves it.

    Game resolutions are fixed. 800×600 strategy map, 600×480 battle map (which never even opens).

    Reducing desktop reolution to 800×600 didn’t help.

    Any ideas? I’m dying to play the game without it crashing every minute :(

  21. matthelps says:

    Got it to work perfectly with Win 7.

    1. Change resolution to match your monitor’s settings.

    2. right click icon on desktop > properties > compatibility > choose “Windows XP pack 3” under the dropdown, and run as administrator box is ticked.

    IMPORTANT: Now when loading up the campaign as the red bar is loading (after choosing your faction), hold down the “alt” button and press “tab” while still holding the alt button down. This locks the screen and negates the crash screen and will allow you to play. Worked 4 out of 5 games I’ve tried it so far. Let me know if it works for you too :)

  22. Aoi Rira says:

    matt, your fix does not work for me. I have crashes during campaign, very frequently. Especially in Viking invasion, but in regular campaign as well. A message saying the game stopped working appears, and the only thing I can do is to close the window and then the game closes completely. I would really love to play the game, but even though I have searched for a fix online for hours, I have not found anything that would work.

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