iRiver Story HD first eReader to use Google eBooks

Leanne Yip

August 3, 2011

Google love domination and eReading has now become no exception.

Google already has a huge library of eBooks ready and waiting which will be easily accessed just like you would do on your computer or tablet.

However Google eBooks has only been released in the U.S as of yet, but Google have claimed people in the UK shouldn’t have to wait long.

Not only does this device give us better access to eBooks but it’s the first High definition eReader.

iRiver claim that the XGA (768×1024) 6-inch display gives 63% more pixels than SVGA E-ink screens, which is quite exceptional but we cannot be sure of this until its released in the UK.

People in the U.S could get their hands on this eReader since July 17th 2010.

I believe they are waiting for Google to release their eBook program in the U.K first before the device is released.

Many new eReaders have now included a touchscreen, however like the Kindle iRiver has opted to stick which a 38 button QWERTY keyboard.

With this keyboard the device is much longer than most other devices. The dimensions are 7.49 x 5.02 x 0.37 inch therefore is wider and thinker than the latest Kindle.

The coffee coloured back and white front makes the eReader look very stylish.

Nevertheless looking at the most important part of an eReader, the reading, the iRiver story is very average.

Page turns are as fast as the kindle; however the iRiver does not have any page turn buttons, which is a real miss.

There is an option to change the size of font, but no option to change the type of font, which is a great feature on other eReaders.

It does have a Collins dictionary built in. Yet the dictionary feature on the iRiver is horrible, because in order to search a word you need to type it in, instead of just scrolling through the text.

Moreover the highlighting text feature is non existent on this eReader, which is a shame as it is a very handy element.

On the other hand there are some up sides.

The iRiver story HD does included a full sized SD card slot. In addition it has a wide range of format support including ePub, PDF, TXT, FB2 and DJVU.

The greatest part is that it can show basic office formats such as Powerpoint, word and Hangul.

The iRiver story HD would really benefit from having 3G as well as Wi-Fi as it uses Google eBooks, though there is only a Wi-Fi version available.

Many people are seeing this as real threat to the kindle’s reign because it uses Google eBooks.

Google eBooks is a great program for eReading. However iRiver have let Google down in a way, for the reason that their device has many flaws which make the reading experience frustrating.


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