Lefties of the world unite!

March 24, 2006

…and we’re not talking politics here, oh no.

Being a left hander has never really caused me any serious problems. How could it?

But the fact remains that there is an horrendously discriminatory world out there, just waiting to be exploited by some mercenary cack-handed opportunist with a creative lawyer.

In a world where Political Correctness is God, I wonder why we haven’t seen a high-profile case?

Maybe it’s my age, but I find myself strangely thinking about my ‘disability’ more and more these days. There is definitely something different about the way we are constructed, that’s for sure…

I stumbled over this article this morning, and it’s got me thinking again, and that’s never a good thing :D

What makes a lefty? Myths and mysteries persist

You’re left-handed too? What’s the most (unusually) frustrating thing you find?

Well here’s my pet hate. Everyone makes left-handed mice these days, but then sells them packaged with right-handed keyboards.

Oh well…


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