on spam run

A lot of forum spam promoting at present.

The user signs up, then simply copy/pastes the same reply into a string of threads, ie:

Hi everyone,
Thank you very much! Very helpful interestingly to know.

They then post an advert for

Spammer details:

email address:

One to add to your spam filters. :)

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Comments in chronological order (4 comments)

  1. Alexander Bartev says: is a SCAM from Russia
    the domains registered for a very well known Russian Scamer
    to find out more you can search the internet for the term like Alexander Bartev, Scam, investment Spam, or in russian his name is ????????? ??????, forex mt4 scam, spam,,,

    TAKE CARE and never invest with unknown companies!
    My best Wishes

  2. The Private Fund Management S.A. Team says:

    Dear To Whom It May Concern,

    we are The Private Fund Management S.A. Team, and we are writing to inform you on a disgraceful information we have found on a page here.

    Unfortunately we are very negatively disappointed with your web-resource and this invalid data you allow yourself to post as a kind like true information about our company.

    How is it possible you dare to use such terms having not even contacted us at least once or at least without any trying to know more about our activity?
    You must understand we value our reputation a lot, and will surely not allow such invalid information to be published.
    Our demand is to delete such negative post and to be careful in such invalid data publication for the future. We do not want to start any
    more measures to your post to be taken. So we are asking you to review that issue ASAP.
    If there are any questions from your side concerning our company and documents etc., please contact us so we will prove you our legal and
    real existence. That steps you must had taken before that posting actually. But still we are ready to send you proofs upon a request.

    Looking forward to a reply.

    The Private Fund Management S.A. Team

  3. Brian Turner says:

    Dear To Whom It May Concern,

    You complained alot when it first went up on - now merged with

    Now as then, you have never been able to refute the allegations.


  4. phil storica says:

    True., otherwise known as Private Fund Management, are a scam, and a very clever one, as they pay out a certain dividend, raise confidence, offer even higher rates of interest, then once greater investment is made, disappear. Their phones are Skype phones which are virtual, and their addresses are merely mail boxes. Avoid at all costs.

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